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Eurowaste is a forwarder of industrial and chemical waste for valorisation purposes.


Eurowaste aims to provide the best quality in customer services, both in terms of logistics and administration, when searching for an appropriate processing solution always in compliance with the applicable legislations and regulations.


The management fully supports the quality policy that indicates the objectives, the ways to be followed and the means to be used in order to achieve the objectives. Continuous improvement within the organization is also one of our goals.


In practice customer services are translated into measurable quality objectives, relating to both the quality of services and the well-being of the employees.


Eurowaste pays special attention to maintaining regular contacts with customers, laboratories, transporters and processors, as well as with the public authorities, in order to be aware of the most recent waste problems.


Eurowaste focuses on extensive research into new processing possibilities. Being customer-friendly, committed and fulfilling the promises you make are important codes of conduct for each and every collaborator.


The guarantee of continued waste evacuation is of crucial importance towards our customers. In order to be able to ensure a continuously high quality level, it is important that suppliers are thoroughly evaluated on a regular basis.


Eurowaste provides all the necessary means to guarantee customer satisfaction, in terms of finances as well as human resources and infrastructure.


Eurowaste seeks to find a comprehensive solution for the waste problem and, in this respect, assumes full responsibility, from start to finish. With the concept of ‘Total Care,’ we intend to accentuate that we only want the best for our customers.





EUROWASTE is aware of the fact that we need a sustainable society that duly considers the future generations. The world is facing huge challenges in terms of coping with scarce resources and preventing climate changes.


 EUROWASTE contributes in this respect by integrating social awareness for environmental issues into its overall business policy.


EUROWASTE pursues an environmental policy that is an integral part of its business policy that is based on customer needs, commercial interests and social responsibility.


EUROWASTE will always comply with all applicable environmental legislations and regulations and is continuously seeking to improve its environmental performances in relation to the processes it may have an impact on.


EUROWASTE intends to be an example for its environment and focuses on the sustainable execution of its internal operations. Also in our customer and supplier contacts, environmental aspects shall be observed.


In order to realize the environmental policy, we depend on the cooperation from all employees within EUROWASTE and we are aware of the fact that in-house information is indispensable. Ideas and initiatives from collaborators relating to environmental care are stimulated and rewarded.



The policy statement is available upon request for third parties.




Antwerp, 28/01/2017

 Wilfried Verhaegen